DOI: 10.21637/GT.2012.3-4.06.

Structuring and visualisation of business models

SLÁVIK, Štefan – BEDNÁR, Richard

Business models attracted the attention of practicians and academics at the beginning of the 90s, mostly during the era. New breakthrough technologies required a different way of making value for a customer and for a company than in the preceding era. It sparked an interest in this topic retrospectively in traditional branches of business too. The article compares an ar ray of business model concepts picturing a company and business in various ranges of detail and through various methodologies.
The purpose of business models comparisons and their ways of visualization, is to give a true picture of main attributes of individual models, to know their functioning more deeply, divide them on the basis of similar parameters into relevant groups, to study a purpose and functionality of their visualization, to classify ways of visualization and by this way to contribute to a deeper knowledge of this relatively new theme of business economics and management.

KEYWORDS: business model, customer value proposition, key resources, key processes, value chain, appropriability of value, profit formula, visualization, knowledge economy

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