DOI: 10.21637/GT.2019.2.03

The Role of Food Co-Shopping with Friends in the Process of Hungarian Youth Becoming Consumers

EGYED, Szilárd

Observing the process of health-conscious eating habits becoming the norm for young people is a relevant topic in management studies, as it is an important factor leading to a better quality of life and in reducing healthcare expenses. For this reason, this article deals with one of the most important aspects impacting this process: food co-shopping with friends. Data collection took place in 2 Hungarian regions, Budapest and Tatabánya, and as a control region, Upper Hungary in Slovakia – inhabited by Hungarians – was also involved. This article examines the activities in which food co-shopping is executed, the circumstances of them being carried out, and the health attributes of products bought during food co-shopping. The revealing research’s results claim that young people are less health-centric in choosing foods, and that relationship-building activities are vital for them, among which eating and cooking together are very favored. So these activities give intervention opportunities for public healthcare professionals.

Keywords: food, co-shopping, friends, consumption
JEL Codes: D12, I12

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